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My top music artists

For this weeks blog ill be sharing a few of my top artists (not in order)   1. Playboi Carti Carti is a well known rapper, Carti is 26 years old born on september 13, 1996. Carti officially blew up… Continue Reading →

my favorite things

For this weeks blog i will be sharing a few of my all time favorite things,   1. sleeping sleeping is obviously a big part of my day but its also a big part of my personality. if im bored… Continue Reading →


for this weeks blog i will be talking about my Christmas.   basically Christmas for my family is chaos, it starts early Christmas eve day where we go to my Amma and grandpas in Garson about an hour and a half away…. Continue Reading →

My Summer 22

My summer 2022. My summer was a perfect mix of crazy, busy, and super fun. It was overly the best summer I have ever had. Summer started on June 29th on Wednesday and ended September 7th. That gives us a… Continue Reading →


  For this weeks blog i will be talking about hunting.  Last year, (october 2021) i started hunting as one of my now favourite  hobbies. i shoot a 308 browning rifle, womens made so its smaller, and this year so i… Continue Reading →

My dad

  For this weeks blog i will be writing about my dad. my dad is one of my very few favorite people and means the worlds to me.   My dad is 45 years old. ever since day one we… Continue Reading →

my summer

My summer.   For my very first blog of grade 8 school year I decided on writing all about my summer. this summer was the best I have had, I made a lot of great memories and did a ton… Continue Reading →


summer, with summer break coming shortly i thought i would write about plans i have and about summer and all that stuff.     school ends on June 29th making there be roughly 13 days of school left. then we don’t… Continue Reading →

places i would like to travel

here are a few places i would like to travel in the future,  lately i have been wanting to travel more, my family and i used to travel more when i was younger but we stopped a few years ago… Continue Reading →

5 things that make my day

  a bunch of oddly specific things that can make any day good,   1. going to gimli with my  dad going to Gimli and getting coffee with my dad, way too often my dad and i take a trip to… Continue Reading →

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